Your Jan 1st Renewals for Workers Comp is Right Around the Corner

Workers compensation insurance

Many times, renewing your Workers Compensation policy in Colorado may be automatic, but shouldn’t be.  Ye, you’re required to have it, but at renewal time you may want to review your policy and the professionals at Aspen Insurance can help with that.

  1. Review your Policy.   Have any of the needs for your business changed?  Did you have any employee change over?  Make sure your policy is reflecting the status of your business and there isn’t any out of date information.
  2. Take a look at your insurance company.  When your policy comes up for renewal you have the opportunity to look at other carriers.  Let your independent insurance agent look at other carriers to see if there is a better fit for your industry and classification.
  3. Risks.   Make sure your policy still has the right coverage for an affordable price for the risks that your business may have. 

The agents at Aspen Insurance can review your policy, take a look at your insurance company and can help you renew with a policy that fits your industry and risks.