What is covered under your Commercial Auto policy in Colorado?

Commercial vehicle van

Your commercial vehicles can be one of the most important and costly investments for your business and making sure they are covered is essential. Certain options are required in the policy and most come with other optional coverages.

  • Liability - this covers your injuries, property damage and lost wages.
  • Collision - this covers if your vehicle is in an accident with another vehicle or object.
  • Injury – this would cover medical expenses of the driver involved in the accident.
  • Uninsured – this would cover if your business vehicle is in an accident and the driver involved doesn’t carry insurance.
  • Optional Coverages - this may include other types of coverages include Comprehensive, Medical, Underinsured Motorist, and Rental Reimbursement.  You may also want to consider Hired and Non-Owned Auto.  This option would provide protection if an employee is driving their own vehicle for business purposes.

Who is covered under your commercial auto insurance policy in Colorado?

  • If you drive your personal vehicle for business
  • If the vehicle you own is registered to your business.
  • If you have employees that drive company vehicles.

At Aspen Insurance, we can do an evaluation of your commercial insurance needs to find the best coverage for the best price.  With multiple drivers and/or additional vehicles, you need to make sure that everything & everyone is covered properly to avoid any costly lawsuits.